Performance Improvement

One of target on implementing performance management is performance improvement. Giving right target on Kpi & performing evaluation on a constant period continuosly will improve company performance better and better.

There are many problem that facing to achieve kpi’s target. Failing to achieve kpi’s target will affected to whole kpi’s unit, it’s a scare thing if happens but it is normal problem. Giving right target on a kpi is a difficult task and so does with achieving kpi’s target. High target will kill your staff, but low target will slow down your company performance.

Performance improvement is continuous task. The problems that causing to achieve a kpi target must identified. Indentification of causal factor, must done right after evaluation period. something like lack of resource, tight schedule, high target are main problems that caused target cannot reached.

After indentification of causal factor done, the next task is set up performance improvement program. The performance improvement program may more than 1 program, it’s depends on the problem. They can be done paralelly or continuously. A performance improvement program consisting 4 component: target, schedule, resources dan responsibility.

The target improvement must be set up, the target maybe a starting point for next improvement program. Giving a good schedule and the resources. The resource must be identified, it could be money, people, computer or abstract resources like management’s comitment. The last component is responsibility. Who is person in charge (PIC) of this program. The PIC may or may not involved in the program, but it’s better if the PIC is involved.

Giving right target, good schedule, adequate resources and right PIC on performance improvement program will overcome causal factor that affected to Kpi. It should on the next evaluation period the kpi’s problem is not causing kpi achievement anymore. Doing constants performance measurement & performance evaluation periodically will improve overall company performance better.

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